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  • By Toabh Admin
  • May 21, 2021

Asim Riaz dedicates Sultani Akhada Medal to Toabh founder Sangeeta Bhatia


Asim Riaz, who stole everyone's hearts in Bigg Boss 13, and who even went on to win the Sultani Akhada medal, has dedicated this medal to Sangeeta Bhatia, the founder of Toabh!

He shares, "This medal belongs to you, my modeling assignments and my career belong to you. The team has worked really hard to sculpt me into what I am today. Toabh has recognized me better than I could and always encouraged me to go that extra mile. I am really thankful to you for everything".

With this impeccable achievement, Asim dedicated his Bigg Boss- Sultani Akhada medal to Sangeeta Bhatia and Toabh as a milestone in his career. At this prestigious moment, Asim has a heartfelt message for Sangeeta and the team to be the backbone of his successes.

Asim calls Sangeeta his Maa as she has been the one who groomed him into a prolific model as well as a phenomenal actor. She has been the reason behind all his career achievements as well as his growth in life.

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