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  • By Toabh Admin
  • Sep 16, 2023

Toabh Grooming Course


Toabh has launched its new venture, "Toabh Conditioned" which will teach various talents with specialised courses.

TOABH Conditioned is a boutique master class for models, actors, influencers, makeup artists, taught by well known professionals. It is an elite education in both the practical and artistic sides of what is often viewed as complex and mysterious industry. Class sizes are variables and in starting purposefully kept extremely small so that we are able to tailor your education to each participant individually. As such the program is equally beneficial for talents starting out in the world of modelling, acting as well as those who have had a number of years of experience.

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1. Talent can join from the the Toabh conditioned's website 

2. You can also join from 


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